Hello friends. It’s been awhile.

I have a lot of catching up to do, but for the time being I would just like to share a thought I had today.

I went out to my favorite place, good ole Mt. Charleston. I’ve been meaning to explore the visitor’s center since it opened last year. Alas, I finally made it.

It’s beautiful, by the way. If you go out that way anytime in the future, make sure you stop by. Not only is it educational, but there is a memorial in the back for the silent heroes of the Cold War, which was nice to see. But not only that, once inside the gift store, at the top of the windows peering out towards the mountains, is what looks like a frosted glass mountain range that spans the length of the store. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much. But once you put the polarized lens up to your eyeballs, boom…MAGIC.

With that being said, I thought a little more about the photo that I took, half of which was the beautifully majestic nature scene (done by artist Austine Wood Comarow) and the other half the frosted glass. What I realized after that was quite simple; life is about perspective.

I, like many of you, have struggled with the comings and goings of life lately. Some days it’s sunshine and unicorns, and other days it’s like, “Do I have any hair left to rip out? No? Crap.” Taking a break from whatever in your life is driving you to madness is essential to your emotional and physical well-being.

Having discovered that fine piece of art today made me think a little deeper about my current situation. While everything isn’t always wonderful and most of the time it can be completely out of our control, happiness is truly our one and only choice. It’s not dependent on any one or any thing other than what we are willing to see with our eyes and hearts.

Today showed me that it is our choice alone to decide which lens we choose to see out of, and what picture we actually see. We can view our lives for what they are; monotonous and monotone, or we can see life for what it could be; beautiful and captivating. All it takes is a few tweaks here and there, an open mind, and heart that’s ready for something beautiful.

I choose beautiful.


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