I’ve spent the last few days wandering around Mount Charleston. I haven’t been up there in a while. I definitely need to pay her a visit.

If you’re like me, being outdoors feels like one giant happy place. It takes your mind off of your troubles, even if it’s just for a few hours. I believe that nature has a way of easing your pain if you just pause for a moment and take it all in. So when she calls, I hope you’ll answer.


My adventures brought me upon a bunker type thingymajig, randomly stuck in the side of the mountain, which ironically enough looked like it held a ghost after I took the picture. I also stumbled upon two skeletons of animals, which I hope that I never run into again. I had a great time walking around aimlessly in the slush and flurries that this weekend had to offer, but I also had time to pause and think about what all of that meant to me. Life gets messy and it doesn’t hesitate to make you feel equally as messy. There are pieces of us that need a little extra TLC, that nobody can help you with but yourself. Don’t neglect the small things that make you tick. Whatever moves you and whatever calls to you, answer it. It’s waiting for you.

-Take it Out on Me-

Hey old friend, it’s been a long time

How have you been?

That smile tells me that your heart broke again

So here we are, show me what’s left of your heart

I used to make you happy, you used to count on me

You’d spend countless hours telling me your hopes and dreams

I’d take your fears and bury them far away

And let you leave feeling like you knew you’d be okay

So take it out on me

I’ll pull an all nighter with you if it’s what you need

I’m steady and strong as a love that never leaves

I’ll keep the lights on if darkness is all you see

Just tilt your head up and look around, you’ll find what you need

Hey old friend, it’s nice to see you comin’ ’round again

That smile tells me you’re trying and on the mend

So here we are, tell me where you’d like to start

It’s a new day, everything has changed

Tell me what you came here to say

Take it out on me

I’ll carry your stress away in the rustling leaves

I’m steady and strong as the roots beneath my trees

Listen to the songs from the wings when your words won’t speak

Just tilt your head up and look around, you’ll find what you need


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