A Little Scribble

I’ve been running around this past week, here and there, with similar faces and some old. Today while I was driving I passed a park and noticed how beautiful the half-naked trees looked, with that little touch of sunlight reminding them what summer felt like. I had a moment, so I stopped.

When I got out and the cool air nipped at me and the leaves crunched beneath my feet, it was just one of those “aha” moments. And it’s simple moments like these that remind me what life is about when you stop to look at it. There is always a new season. The world around is us constantly changing and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. There will always be seasons. There will always be change. The only thing we can do is sit back and appreciate the beauty before us, whether it’s with visions of warmth and growth, or endless nights of bitter cold. We too, have those same exact seasons. So as the sun fades on this day and you are left to decipher the events of your life, just take a moment to remember that you are exactly where you need to be. There is something there that you need to see. Not only do you need to keep your eyes open to change, but your heart too.



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